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‘Optimizing AdSense’ Course

12 Sep

I’ve had my AdSense account for quite a while now, and also had it display ads on one of my blogs. I just signed up, added the widget and forgot about it. One day I checked my account to find a lucky number of 13 dollars! Wow, I actually made some money! I never took my time to study AdSense, and I realized I’ve been missing out. It was time to learn something.

May 2014 Google launched an online course called ‘Optimizing AdSense’. It is free, and anyone with a valid AdSense account (they ask for your AdSense ID) can register.

The course is entirely online and self-paced.

You start with Pre-Course Assessment to test how much you know about AdSense. No worries, it doesn’t affect your final score or anything. It just helps you to see where you are and to identify the areas you need to study. However, you are free to take the entire course, not just parts of it.  Continue reading