About me

Hello and welcome to PROutlook, to the place where I share my biased opinion on everything communications – Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising and Media.

Who Am I? 

My name is Marina Lukyantseva. I was born in Moscow, Russia, and moved to the States in the end of 2010.  Now I am living in San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley, and the third biggest city of the best states of all, sunny California.

Before my move my life was pretty basic and rather typical for a good Russian girl. High school diploma with distinction, college degree and no idea what to do next.

I’ve been always a bookworm so pursuing my degree in Languages and Literature seemed quite natural. 5 years later I got my Honors Degree in Linguistics from the well-known Moscow State University and realized I didn’t want to become an instructor, professor or translator. To make a long story short, I ended up working as a Marketing Assistant for a consulting start up.  I stayed there for 3 years, got hands-on experience and left as a Project Manager job to focus more on Public Relations.

For the next 2 years I was a PR girl happily pitching to media and running clients’ conferences for Moscow and Saint Petersburg offices of a British headhunting company. It was fun, but then life (and love) happened and I had to move half the world away and start everything from scratch.

With my office background and lots of fears, I was dreaming of a corporate job but my old contacts would ask me to help them with this, with that and finally I found myself to be a full-time freelance.

The transition from working for others to working for myself happened quite naturally, and I have to admit: I love it! I love pick and choose my projects, I love setting my own hours (it doesn’t mean working less, though) and being my own boss. Now I am a big remote office, small business and entrepreneurship advocate! Guys, don’t be afraid – go for it!

What Do I Do?

My activities nowadays are quite wide.

First, I am a writer and blogger. I love writing, and getting paid for it is just a dream come true. I contribute to several online and offline media outlets both in Russia and the States. My favorite topics are travel, customer service, human resources, marketing and psychology. For 3 years I was an official blogger for Ostrovok.ru, a Russian hotel booking start up backed by Silicon Valley investors.

I also authored a GPS guide around the Greater Los Angeles area for Vokrug Sveta, the oldest travel publishing house in Russia, and a Hollywood Boulevard audio guide for Azbo Audio Tours. Knowing that anyone can download my work on their mobile device and learn amazing things about the City of Angels makes me very happy.

One of the most unusual (for me, at least) writing gigs I’ve ever had was interviewing the great Rorion Gracie of the Gracie Academy for Self-Defense Without a Weapon Magazine.

I am also blogging about my new life experiences and run a couple of personal blogs, Kitchen Away From Kitchen on cooking my way through a new country, and Lazy Lizard Workout on my rather unsuccessful (so far) way to wellness. Of course, there is PROutlook.

Second,  I am a publicist. That was a natural transformation from my PR day job to PR freelance. I used to promote a training company and an headhunting agency and deal with people in suits. Now I am working with fantasy author (yes, you read it right) Davidson L. Haworth and find it normal to go to cons where I am surrounded by thousands of Spidermans and Batmans.

Third, I am a marketer. I am handling Russia & CIS for customer service guru John Tschohl and his company Service Quality Institute. Media relations, client relations, events – you name it.

And last, but not the least, I am an entrepreneur. Being a freelance is fun and rewarding but I am also very much interested in running a business (preferably B2C) that goes beyond just me and my skills. Right now I am getting ready to relaunch my soap making business called Organic Rarities and also looking for new opportunities.

I feel no matter what I do marketing will always be a part of it. I am very much interest in digital marketing since it is getting bigger and bigger, and who knows where my interests get me at the end.

This blog PROutlook was created to share my journey, my ideas and opinion on everything I come across in the world of communications. Set back and enjoy, and please fee free to leave a comment and of course, LIKE us on Facebook.


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