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Royal Marketing

18 Jun

Looks like we’ve all recovered from Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. Even if you are not English and not living in the UK, it was hard to miss all those Facebook and Twitter posts and almost non-stop coverage on TV. You might be excited about it or not, you might be totally anti-monarchy in all its forms or the biggest supporter of traditions – I am not talking about it right now. What interests me is the marketing tool being successfully used by the English for quite sometime – Royal Family.

England without its Royal Family is like America without fast food, trucks and pop culture. Without it the whole Englasn brand will be ruined, and over and over again it gives you newsworthy information – from weddings to a new pet, you name it.

Royalty still has this special charm that makes people read magazines and newspapers, watch TV and takes lots of pictures in front of Buckingham Palace, and better yet, buy posctards, magnets, coffee mugs and special-jubilee stuff you don’t really need. It works.

Pure marketing. Just to give you a few examples:

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