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How To Grow Your Twitter Audience

26 Mar

Nowadays there are so many new services that it makes it not easy to keep up with them. We try though. Today I came across Twiends, a service that helps you to grow your social network, Twitter preferebly. Of course, my first urge is to try it out. I signed up my Twitter account and within my first 2 minutes got 5 new followers. The quality is another question. We’ll see how it works. I want to share another thing with you I found on that website: a cool infographic that share some ideas on how to get Twitter followers. The tips focus on ethically responsible ways, and this is what I love about it. Check out the corresponding article as well.  Continue reading


Evolution of the PR pro

20 Mar

I was scanning through PR Daily and came across a very interesting infographic I could not but share with you. Oroginally taken from PRWeb, it tracks the evolution of the PR pro from Julius Caesar to Mark Zuckerberg. Pretty entertaining and educational as well. Continue reading

Getting started!

11 Mar

Hello everybody and welcome to my new blog!

My name is Marina, and this is not the first blog I have. Why another one? Quite simple  – I need it! I’ve been running a couple of corporate blogs, I’m running my own cooking blog KItchen Away From Kitchen and a private but yet not consistent LiveJournal. Being in PR and Marketing I’ve realized a strong need for a professional blog where I can share my thoughts and ideas, hence this blog: Public Relations Outlook, PRO for short.